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Gaviscon Extra Strength For Acid Reflux, 120 + 25 Chewable Tablets

Gaviscon Extra Strength For Acid Reflux, 120 + 25 Chewable Tablets

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Gaviscon Extra Strength Tablets - 120 + 25 Count - Chewable Foaming Antacid Tablets for Day and Night Heartburn Relief, Acid Reflux and GERD Relief, Fruit Blend - Free of Aluminum, Lactose and Gluten

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting heartburn relief: Doctor-recommended Gaviscon Extra Strength Tablets begin working immediately, providing long-lasting heartburn relief in minutes that lasts for hours; Feel Gaviscon's foaming action start to work as soon as you take
  • Effective active ingredients: This strength of Gaviscon foaming tablets contains 313mg of alginic acid and 63mg of magnesium carbonate, formulated to block and neutralize your acid reflux and provide you with immediate GERD relief
  • Stop heartburn and acid reflux at the source: Gaviscon antacid products create a foaming protective barrier that blocks stomach acid from entering the esophagus while neutralizing existing stomach acid
  • Managing heartburn: In addition to taking Gaviscon for immediate upset stomach relief, you can help manage your heartburn by avoiding acidic foods, eating smaller meals, elevating your body while you sleep, and more; Consult your doctor to see which methods work best for you
  • Safe for daily use: Chew 2-4 tablets when symptoms occur or take as directed by your doctor; Safe for daily use up to a maximum dosage of 16 tablets per day
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