K&D Trading's Participation in Promoting Vietnamese Cuisine to International Audience in Canada

K&D Trading's Participation in Promoting Vietnamese Cuisine to International Audience in Canada

In December 2023, with the objective of continuing to foster the image of Vietnam and its people among international acquaintances, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Vancouver collaborated with the Vietnamese Canadian Business Association (VCBA) to orchestrate the Vietnamese Cuisine Day in the city of Richmond, situated within the metropolitan area of Vancouver, British Columbia.


This event garnered significant attention from various officials representing both city and regional governance, Consuls General from ASEAN member countries stationed in the region, Canadian entrepreneurs with a vested interest in the Vietnamese market, and a substantial contingent of the Vietnamese diaspora residing in Vancouver.

This event holds paramount importance within the realms of cultural diplomacy and people-to-people exchanges, aligning with the seven primary focal areas across the three pillars of diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations as delineated in the comprehensive partnership agreement currently being implemented by both Vietnam and Canada to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations.


During this occasion, K&D Trading took great pride in its involvement, contributing booths alongside other distinguished Vietnamese-origin enterprises in VCBA, including Supermarket 88, Dan-D-Foods Company, VNT Trading, Lisa Chu Entertainment, Mai Phở 37, thereby enhancing the overall tapestry of activities during Vietnamese Cuisine Day in Vancouver.


For K&D Trading, this opportunity is not merely a platform to showcase our high-quality Vietnamese products such as Sanest Bird's Nest, ST25 White Jade Rice, Omni Noodles, Phở Phố Cổ, to an international audience, but it also serves as a significant contribution to the global promotion of Vietnam's image, culinary heritage, and its people. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in enlightening esteemed guests, particularly the younger generation of Vietnamese, about the aesthetic and cultural traditions inherent in the Vietnamese ethnic identity.

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