Currently, K&D Trading is distributing a diverse range of products from leading Vietnamese businesses in the Food and Beverages sector. In addition, our focus has expanded to include the health and beauty care field. Each distributed product undergoes thorough quality checks. Hence, we can confidently and proudly affirm that all products distributed by K&D Trading meet the quality requirements and food safety regulations in Canada.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of commerce, we take pride in being the first Vietnamese business in Canada to officially distribute bird's nest products from Sanest Khanh Hoa and provide supply chain services in the market.


Vendor Sourcing

  • Sourcing the high quality and newest and in-demand products, while forging lasting partnerships
  • Conducting market analysis and screening for eligibility
    Current countries include: Canada, Vietnam
  • Quality review


Prospecting and Importing

  • Customs brokerage, border clearance, labeling and currency exchange
  • Import, logistics, freight, and minimum shipment coverage


Full-service distribution

  • Customer base covers all of Western Canada and sections of Eastern Canada
  • Purchasing, inventory management, order picking and fulfillment
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Logistics in/logistics out systems


Sales and Marketing

  • Account manager and territory sales representatives for all major and independent accounts
  • Customer Service and sales support staff
  • Advertising and sales promotion.
  • Product development and marketing plans
  • Fluently administrate any vendor rebates in place
  • Pricing and advertising strategy development



  • Ongoing customer and vendor reports and feedback
  • Product offering review and line expansion
  • Primary customer presentations and supplier feedback



KDExpress, our subsidiary specializing in logistics, makes K&D Trading International Inc. stand out as a distributor. With KD Express's logistics and warehouse solutions, K&D Trading International Inc. can quickly and conveniently get the products to customers in Canada and Vietnam.

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