About Us

  • K&D Trading International Inc distributes a large selection of wholesale products from trusted brands across Canada, the US and worldwide. We are dedicated to bringing the best Vietnamese products to the Canadian and global market with exceptional service while remaining competitive.

  • Best Product

    We are committed to ethical business practices. All products are met the local regulations under strict quality control, standards and produced with environmental responsibility.

  • Competitive Price

    With years of experience in the trading industry, the company has established strong network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers in both Canada and Vietnam, which helps ensuring competitive price.

  • Best Service

    With rising demands, we established a subsidiary logistics named KDExpress that aims to bring and expand our exceptional service to both the domestic and international market.

  • We import

    We facilitate the exchange of top-notch products between Vietnam and Canada while seeking new approaches to improve our services, focusing on providing high quality products with competitive prices for our customers, and guaranteeing food safety throughout the storing and delivery process to ensure the products are delivered in excellent condition.

  • We distrubute

    With our subsidiary logistics company, KDExpress, we offer daily delivery service and take extra care in handling and transporting the products, providing a straightforward process and taking necessary precautions to ensure punctual and safe delivery.