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Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Yellow - Refresh

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Yellow - Refresh

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Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Yellow, Fast Relief of Headaches and Stomachaches

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil’s common purposes include alleviating pain, itches, and more. This product is well-known and trusted in the Asian market. Made with natural peppermint and clove bud oil that promotes healing and rejuvenation. 

  • Good quality of oil: Medicated oil does not leave stains on clothes after washing and is not oily when fully absorbed into the skin.
  • Unique fragrance: Fresh and pleasant natural herbal scent.
  • Gentle soothing effects: No burning sensation, suitable for use as massage oils, essential oils etc.
  • Quick relief for headaches and stomachaches: Medicated oil improves blood circulation to relieve discomforts.
  • Easy application: Compact bottle size makes it convenient to store and use on-the-go.
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