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Tuong An Margarine

Tuong An Margarine

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Tuong An Margarine

Being the first margarine in Vietnam in 1977, Tuong An Margarine has a signature taste and has been the top and most familiar product in the market. Tuong An Margarine has a natural flavor, rich in essential vitamins A, D, E, creating a creamy and fragrant taste for every dish.

Tuong An Margarine is a high-quality plant-based butter product made from carefully selected ingredients and produced through strict processes. Tuong An Margarine has a naturally mild and savory taste, without preservatives or artificial colors, ensuring absolute safety for your health. This product can be used to make baked goods, stir-fries, sauces, pastries, and vegetarian dishes.

  • Suitable for: Used in the bakery, confectionery, and coffee industry, as well as with bread, frying, stir-frying. It is also suitable for vegetarians.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.
  • Made in Vietnam

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